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Convert MBOX to PST, 3 must have features in your conversion solution!

convert mbox to pst

Conversion Solutions are the approaches you take to convert MBOX files to PST. There are many approaches you can take to do so. There is the manual approach, approach of using a third-party converter tool and lot more. These conversion solutions are the reason behind success or failure of your conversion process.

Once you start the conversion process, everything falls into the hands of your conversion solution. You cannot do anything after that. Therefore, you need to pick a solution that is effective in not only converting your data but also keeping it safe. This article talks about the best conversion solution you can get and how it makes your conversion process the best it can be.

Mail Extractor Pro: The Best Conversion Solution to Convert MBOX to PST

When you look at different conversion solutions that you can go for, the very first that catches the eye is manual methods of conversion. If you are planning to go that route, then results won’t be in your favor. 

Manual methods of conversion aren’t meant for databases of today. The size and complexities of today’s email database prove to be a lot for the manual methods of conversion. Therefore, staying away from them when you convert MBOX to PST will be a smart decision.

Mail Extractor Pro is a conversion solution that you can go for with your eyes closed. The reason behind this is the features that the tool provides you with. The tool has a very balanced combination of all the best features in the business. This makes the tool a favorite amongst the experts as well.

Mail Extractor Pro is an all in one tool to convert MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird & Postbox to Outlook supported PST file (*.pst).

Auto Load the Entire Email Database Files

This converter tool is full of surprises and latest technological features. One of such features is the ability of the tool to autoload the entire email database files. This is the first step of your process of converting MBOX to PST.

When you are uploading the files manually for the conversion process, you can miss some of them. This leads to data gaps in the final output produced. But since the tool automatically loads up the files for conversion, there is no chance of data getting behind. Thus, reducing the data gaps in the output files to zero.

Convert Everything Easily

Once everything is loaded up for conversion, the algorithms of the tool do their job. They convert everything loaded up for the conversion process.

They are capable of handling anything. This includes the double-byte character data as well. The tool even retains the smallest of details including images, attachments, calendar data, contact data etc. as well. This makes the output files produced post converting MBOX to PST exactly like the input files.

The Interface helps you deal with everything

The interface of the tool helps you convert everything easily and smoothly. It is designed to increase the comfort of your conversion process. It does so by eliminating the non-required features from the interface.

It only shows what you need to start and have the perfect MBOX to PST conversion process. Anyone with any kind of user experience and technical knowledge can convert their data with the help of this tool.

Download the mbox to pst converter free trial version of the tool today and upgrade your conversion process for better.