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Email Migration Tool, How do I convert my files to PST?

Email Migration tools helps you to convert your email files into PST for Microsoft Outlook for Mac and Windows.

Email Migration

Apple mail users often face the problem of sharing their data with Microsoft Outlook users. This happens because Microsoft Outlook has a default file format called as PST while Apple mail supports various other formats like MBOX, etc. The PST versions don’t work in Apple mails as a result. Due to this incompatibility issue in core format versions, users end up searching internet for hours to find a solution for this problem.

Email Migration Tool

Essentially what we need is a third party email migration tool that would carry out such migrations but it is extremely important for us to choose the right one. Our data holds a lot of importance and we don’t want to expose it to any risks. And therefore, we need a professional email migration tool to do this task for us. The email migration of Apple Mail to Outlook is a complex process and hence it is always advisable to look for a trusted source. This brings us to one of the best professional software’s that you would find – the Mail Extractor Pro.


Email Migration Using Mail Extractor Pro

Mail Extractor Pro is a smart email migration tool which lets you convert your Apple mails, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX to PST with convenience. The credibility of this email migration tool lies in its flawless conversions. This bug-free software offers a risk-free conversion at high speed. You can expect to convert about 1GB data per 60 seconds. Isn’t that fast? What’s more is that the converted data is good for use on the go.


Some of the best features that this software offers are mentioned hereunder:
  • It’s user friendly software with an engaging interface
  • Converts the files without data loss and maintains all the details like read/unread data, etc
  • It doesn’t hang or crash and thereby saves your time
  • You can upload multiple files in one go and sit back and enjoy hassle-free conversion
  • It helps you maintain the hierarchy of the folders and at the same time it is smart enough to let you ignore empty folders, if any
  • You can set the file size as per your requirements as it can split the files for you
  • It can also handle complex languages like Korean, Japanese, or Chinese
  • The accuracy of the data is amazing
  • Once the data is converted, you will be able to import such files directly to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro is amazingly good as it handles complex conversions with efficiency. This tool has especially been designed to help Mac users convert their Apple Mails (also works well for Mbox, Postbox, and Thunderbird conversions) to PST. Unlike other email migration tools, it doesn’t play with the integrity of your data. Your data is safe and secure in the hands of this professional email migration tool.


 Get the free Trial

Official Website:

There is a free trial version for the users. You will be able to convert 10 items. And all the brilliant features mentioned above will be available as well.  In order to try the Apple mail to PST conversion using Mail Extractor Pro, you can download your free trial version here.