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Migrate Postbox to Outlook with an advanced solution!

migrate postbox to outlook

Advancements are the story of life. Same is the case with migrating Postbox to Outlook. With changing needs, changing demands and changing data size you need to change your conversion methods too. USL Software brings to you the most advanced method of migrating your Postbox data to Windows Outlook.

Migrating Postbox to Outlook is easier than ever

Postbox and Outlook are very popular email clients on MacOS and Windows respectively. Both have garnered huge user base on their respective operating systems based on the features the tool provides.

Everything is good between Outlook and Postbox till it comes down to data migration. You cannot migrate data directly from Postbox to Outlook. Whenever you make a switch from your Postbox account to a new Outlook account, you’ll need to transfer the data.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. Postbox makes use of MBOX format, a very generic and popular format amongst email clients running on MacOS. And Outlook is compatible with PST format only. Thus, need of Postbox to Outlook migration arises.

The most advanced solution for your Postbox to Outlook Migration

With the increased use of emails in current time and era the previous methods of Postbox to Outlook migration became obsolete. The amount of data travelling through emails has grown not only in size but also in the types of formats that are being used.

This calls for new and advanced methods of data migration. Third-party converter solutions are the modern take on the problem of Postbox to Outlook migration.

USL software’s Mail Extractor Pro leads the way for all these third-party converter tools. The tool is an exceptional solution that offers all round support for your conversion process. This feature packed solution has all the best features wrapped up together with a very intelligent and easy to use interface.

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Postbox to Outlook

The features that the tool provides include:

Mail Extractor Pro is an easy to use Mac Application that can convert MBOX file (*.mbox), Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox and Apple Mail to PST file format.

Exceptional Conversion Accuracy:

The accuracy provided by the tool is unmatchable. It converts all the data without any complications and even formats like Unicode and double-byte characters are easily handled by the tool.

Speedy conversion process:

The tool speeds up the conversion process with the help of its refined algorithms. It makes quick work of data without any complications and high efficiency.

Ignores the empty folders:

The tool ignores the unnecessary things present in your input database files like empty folders. Thus, making the process more efficient.

Inbuilt PST File Splitter:

Outlook doesn’t support too large data files. Thus, you need to keep the size of the files being converted in check to ensure all of them are easily imported from Outlook. For this purpose, the tool provides you an inbuilt PST file splitter that splits the PST files growing over than a particular size. Thus, ensuring that everything goes smoothly with your Postbox to Outlook Migration.

Postbox to Outlook Migration

This list of features goes on and on. To try all of them yourself, download the free trial of the tool today.